Features of the Brinkmann Pro Series 2500 Gas Grill

The Brinkmann Pro Series 2500 Gas Grill is a top class grill made up of stainless steel and die cast aluminium. It produces forty thousand BTU’s with the help of four cast iron burners that is much more above the normal standard frill in the price range of 2500. The grill also offers twelve thousand BTU’s on the side burner which allows the customers the feel of a traditional cooking style and can be used as a warming area as well. It has a cooking space of more than 55 inches that is sufficient to meet the requirements of big family or a small party which makes it a value for money gas grill. There is another gas grill that is more lucrative if purchased from the family perspective which is the Weber spirit E- 210 which has a cooking space of 350 sq. Inches.

A function seen in many Pro series range, this grill also comes with a one touch ignition. The Brinkmann Pro Series 2500 is less automatic as compared to other products available in the market. The Brinkmann product is seen as a poor product as compared to the Weber though the Brinkmann Pro Series 2500 also boasts of top class functions. It has cast iron grates coated with porcelain which are able to retain heat. They can be cleaned very easily as well. The high BTU rate facilitates the quick heating of the grill at a rapid speed. The hood of the grill has a top class temperature gauge which monitors the temperature that is helpful for people that are not experienced enough with cooking on the grill.

The Brinkmann Group has put in a lot of effort in the design of the grill. It may not be the most impressive design in style but it has a lot of features that make the grill stand out among many others. The grill has a huge side table which provides plenty of preparation space and storage of condiments and cutlery. More storage can be found below the grill in the as it has an area to store accessories and tools. The heavy duty lockable casters and slick handles make the Brinkmann Pro Series 2500 a preferred grill for many.

The grill is easy to assemble and it comes with clear and simple instructions without the need of any tools. The parts of the grill need to be replaced periodically to maintain the longevity of the machine. The Weber is a good choice for grills since there is not much need of looking after the maintenance. The Weber presents the Genesis S- 320 gas grill model that is almost the same size as the Brinkmann Pro Series 2500 and in addition has a better reputation for having a hard wearing and good warranty.