Features of the Brinkmann Pro Series 2600 Gas Grill

The Pro Series 2600 Gas Grill is a four burner gas grill from the Brinkmann Group. The cost of this product is around 500 dollars which is quite reasonable taking in account the fact that it consists of four burners. There are several other features that are not seen in other grills that retail at this price. The burners produce forth thousand BTU’s. The cast iron tends to rust if not looked after properly even though it holds the heat nicely. The burners made of cast iron are considered to cook the food evenly. The Pro Series 2600 grill facilitates grilling on two of the burners indirectly which is handy while cooking large food items.

The Brinkmann Pro Series 2600 gas grill is made of wooden frames and has cast iron grates that are coated by porcelain along with a drawer and doors of stainless steel. Some preparation space is used up due to the improper placement of the ice chest in the side table. The chest is fitted with a drain and flip lid. It has an electric ignition with a total cooking space of 550 sq inches.

The total cooking space cannot be said as more than average which is conducive for cooking for a family but nearly not large enough if you want to conduct a party. The risk of rusting of the burners is increased due to the choice of covers on the iron burners even though the grill has a stainless steel frame.

The Brinkmann Pro Series 2600 Gas Grill is still a good buy for the price it retails owing to the features that it has although it could have been a much better products if the quality of parts of the grill had been selected more carefully. The price of the grill can be further reduced if you move around in shops that are looking to get the stock of these grills out from their stores. A grave problem with the Brinkmann grill lies in the inability of constant customer support which proves to be a hassle as there is a lack of quick and efficient solution if there is any trouble with the grill.

On the brighter side, the Brinkmann Pro Series 2600 Gas Grill has a nice heat control which is ideal for cooking large items and grilling various food products. The grill is still worth a buy since the price is no way near the high side as compared to other brands.