Features of the Brinkmann Pro Series 2630 Gas Grill

Another product from the stable of the Brinkmann Groups is the Brinkmann Pro Series 2630 which is a four burner gas grill that functions on natural gas with a rate of forty thousand BTU. The grill is cheaper due to the fact that natural gas is cheaper in price. Propane based grills are costly as the price of propane is double that of natural gas. This makes the pro Series 2630 a very economically viable option. This is much more cost effective than other Brinkman models like the 2600 and the 2500.

The Brinkman 2630 in addition to being cheap is also an environmentally friendly product. The fuel being natural gas, it emits lesser toxins in the air. The amount of harmful gas released by grills using propane release much higher amount of harmful gases. A WY fitting hose of twelve feet is attached to the grill that allows sufficient measurement in order to place them in the backyards. A simple disconnect device is also provided to make it easily usable. The grill is assembled in an easy manner and does not require any tools in the construction of the grill.

The body of the Brinkmann Pro Series 2630 Gas Grill is made up of stainless steel and die cast aluminium which makes the machine durable. The grill is very popular as it is a top model of the Brinkmann Groups that offers several features at a very reasonable price.

The food can be kept warm with the help of a warming rack that is coated with porcelain which can also be used to cook vegetables. It has a reversible cast iron cooking grates which are coated with porcelain as well. This top class model is essentially packed with all the features that a grill should have. The grill has additional side burner with a rate of 12,000 BTU that has a lid to provide for preparation space apart from the main four burners. The system allows the users to warm sauces and gets a feel of the more traditional cooking form.

The Brinkmann 2630 manufactures in Canada and U.S are of a very high quality as compared to those imported from Asia. The real manufacturing location is not specified in the advertisement for this model.

The side burner of the grill also comes with a lid on top and has storage area of stainless steel. The area gives way for an ice bucket when lifted which is ideal for chilling the refreshments and drinks. The grill has a cooking area of 550 sq inches and has a capacity of 50 pounds of food that is enough to hold the food for a small party or a large family. The grill is capable of retaining heat quite well due to the good quality of the grates and gets warmed in 4 to 60 minutes although it is known to have a bit of a heat leakage.