Review of the Weber Spirit E-210 Gas Grill

Weber is a very popular brand of grill manufacturing company. It has ventured into making all kinds of grills. One of its products is the Weber Spirit E -210 that is regarded as one of the top starter grills in the grill market. The Weber Spirit E -210 has two burners that are made of stainless steel with a BTU output of 13,000 each which makes it a very suitable choice for a backyard barbecue. It has a total grilling are of 350 sq inches which is somewhat on the smaller side. It also has a warming area of 108 inches which provides ample space to grill food that will suffice a family. It also has a rotisserie ad on which has to be purchased separately.

The Brinkmann Pro series 2630 is the perfect grill in case you are looking for something that will be sufficient to feed the entire neighborhood as it has a total grilling space of 637 sq inches and can store up to 50 pounds of food.

The design of the Weber Spirit E -210 is compact and is suitable to place it in patios and yards that are low on space. It has a width of fifty two inches and a height of sixty inches which makes it possible to place in small areas. It has heavy duty swivel wheels of which two are lockable and has a grip area. The two choices of fuel are natural gas and propane tank that needs to be encompassed in a storage area.

The Weber Spirit E -210 is similar to other Weber grills in the manufacturing quality as only top class material is used in its construction. It does not have a long list of extras but it is a well made grill that provides a good grilling experience. The Weber Spirit E -210 uses the patented electronic crossover ignition process which is seen in many other Weber grills as well. The system is activated with the single push of a button. The grill barrier is coated with porcelain that blocks any flare up induced by grease and also push the smoke back upwards to provide added flavor to the food. The Weber Spirit E -210 produces even heat as the operation of the burners takes place from the cooking grates welded with steel and coated with porcelain.

The Weber Spirit E -210 is made of top class internal components such as steel coated with porcelain that makes the grill durable. It has a front panel and side tables made of stainless steel that makes the cleaning task simpler. The Weber Spirit E -210 has a thermometer that is mounted on the hood which allows the users to check the temperature f the heat.