The Weber Genesis S -320 Grill review

Another high class product from the Weber grill company is the Weber Genesis S -320 Grill which has a very effective design and high performance unit. The grill is a well made product from Weber and has all the functions that are a trademark of the Weber Company. The Weber Genesis S -320 is a well made unit with doors made of stainless steel. It has side panels with an accent color and handles. The Weber Genesis S -320 has a very well crafted exterior that is one of the standout features of this product, read more about the features and functionalities of the S-320 grill in this review.

The grill works on propane fuel as the propane tank is housed inside it behind the doors. This adds to the aesthetic appeal of the machine. The Weber Genesis S -320 Grill has a measurement of 64.5 inches tall and has a width of 60 inches. The grill is a quality product that encompasses all the characteristics of a good gas grill.

This model from the Weber grill company is equipped with two front locking heavy duty canisters and two heavy duty back rolling casters as well. These casters facilitate the movement of the grill in order to place the grill in a position you may desire. This is a very beneficial feature for people who want to use optimum space in their houses. The Weber Genesis S -320 has a very high quality build. It is a very durable product as it the body of the grill is strengthened with top quality materials and welded together strongly.

The Weber Genesis s -320 is much more than just a sleek looking gas grill. It has many other features that work in its favor. The BTU output of the gas grill is 42,000 with an additional output of 12,000 which can be obtained on accord of the side burner present in the grill. It has a flawless electric ignition that gets you started in your grilling process. It has cooking space of 507 sq inches which is a good amount of area. The cooking obtained from the grill is consistent and even. There is rarely any flare up problems and comes with sufficient warming space beneath the lid. The Weber Genesis S 320 Grill is a complete package that has the looks and features that make a gas grill. With all the functions available in this grill, it is certainly worth the buy as compared to other products.