The Weber Genesis S-310 Gas Grill review

Weber is very well known for its quality and high performance products for many years now. One such product from the fine craftsmanship of the company is the Weber Genesis S -310 which offers a tremendous heat distribution from its three burners. The Genesis S -310 gas grill manages to generate an even amount of temperature that creates the perfect conditions for grilling. The three burner system has an individual control for each that enables the user to cook at different temperatures at the same time. The BTU output of the Genesis S -310 is 42,000 which do not put the grill in the top heat producing grills. Even then the grill is able to reach maximum temperature in less than 10 minutes. There are colors to pick from namely green, black and copper that match up to the features of the stainless steel offered by S-310.

The Weber Genesis S -310 gas grill has a cooking are of 507 sq inches while the warming rack has an area of 130 sq inches, more about in in this review . The cooking grates of the grill have a series of rods that measure seven millimeters which further improve the cooking performance of the grill. The Weber Genesis S -310 gas grill has a patented crossover ignition system that is responsible for lighting the whole grill by pushing just one button. They are well known for their capability of removing grease flare ups; vaporize the juices and fats as soon as the food strikes the bars.

The Weber Genesis S -310 gas grill ha a body of stainless steel that that is welded and not riveted which is the case in many other brands of gas grills. The lid is also made of high quality stainless steel material and is equipped with a cast aluminum firebox to enhance smoking of selective food products. The Weber Genesis S -310 gas grill has the capacity to hold six tools and a fuel gauge that indicates the amount of propane remaining in the tank. The Weber Genesis S -310 gas grill has two surfaces though there is not much space left as the control valves take up a lot of the space.

It does take some time to assemble the Weber Genesis S -310 gas grill since it is dismantled state in the beginning. There are clear instructions to attach the pieces together though it does get time consuming. The Brinkmann Pro Series 2500 is similar grill to this Weber product though whose assembly is much easier in comparison. The price of the Weber Genesis S -310 gas grill is significantly on the higher side as compared to other brands.