The Weber Spirit E-320 Gas Grill Review

The reputation of the Weber speaks volumes for its products. A product from the company of Weber is the Weber Spirit E-320 Gas Grill that a durable machine that has several features. It is made of stainless steel material and coated with porcelain. The Weber Spirit E-320 Gas Grill is low on cost than the other Weber grills but does not compromise at all on quality, read more about it in this review.

The Weber Spirit E-320 Gas Grill has a cooking area of 536 inches which is more than enough for a family barbecue. The grill has three burners with a BTU output of 12,000 each. The cooking grates of the grill are coated with porcelain. The additional burner makes this product seem like an upgrade to the Weber Spirit E-310. You can cook separately using the additional side burner. You will get even heat while cooking in the Weber Spirit E-320 Gas Grill. The grill is perfect for searing as it gets heated up to the maximum in less than ten minutes. The grease management provided by the Weber Spirit E-320 Gas Grill is very efficient and has the patented flavorizer bars that are coated with porcelain.

There is also the availability of stainless steel tables at the side that can be used to prepare and store food. The quality of material is not the best in these tables which is not a normal factor for Weber machines. There are control valves that are located in the side tables. It reduces the workspace by some margin and you do not have to worry about the children in your house playing around it as it is not easily accessible. The preparation offered by the Brinkmann Pro Series 2500 which has similar features is better than this grill.

The hood of the Weber Spirit E-320 Gas Grill has a thermometer to gauge the temperature of the grill. The drawback is that the hood is made of a single layer which does not make it durable like the other parts of the grill. The Weber Spirit E-320 Gas Grill is still one of the better grills available in the market due to its various top class features. When you buy the Weber Spirit E-320 Gas Grill, you are assured of quality, warranty and the support that Weber extends to all its grill products. All in all this is a very efficient grill that serves many purposes.

Advantages of E- 320 Gas Grill from Weber

The Weber grill company is one of the leading companies in the market of gas grills. It has created a very good reputation for itself on accord of the sturdy gas grills that it builds. Another striking feature of the Weber company is the round the clock customer support that it makes available to every customer for all its products. The Weber Company recently got hold of the Ducane Company and the customer support is provided to the products of Ducane as well. This is not a characteristic seen in gas grill companies which makes the Weber stand out among the competition.

The Weber Spirit E -320 gas grill is one of the high quality Weber products which has three main burners and is the perfect product in case you want to arrange food for a small gathering of people or a big family. The three burners come handy as you can use each one of them to cook different food items such as steaks and hamburgers on one, sausages or hot dogs on another and seafood or chicken on the third one at the same time.


The customers can be rest assured of the quality of the Weber Spirit E -320 gas grills as it is a product of the Weber stable which is known for its top class gas grills. The grill comes with a good warranty, replacement parts that can be easily obtained from the local stores and a very efficient customer service that is ready to solve your problems any time of the day. This is one feature that has hooked the customers to the Weber products as they do not have to worry in case there is some malfunction with the machine or if they have any sort of trouble with the grill.

The E -320 is a good product and gives great value for money as it is equipped with enamelled cast iron cooking grates, two work areas, a cooking space of 637 square inches and hot burners which help sear and cook the food evenly. It also has locking front wheel along with a steel frame.

The storage in the base is limited since it has a propane tank. Items can be stored in it if needed. The temperature of the grill can be easily adjusted and cooking can be done without the need of baskets. It lasts for around five years.