The George Foreman Gas Grills

The George Foreman grills have been around the market from the year 1994. The company has sold over eighty million grills around the world. The features of the Foreman grill are convenient cooking and a technique of no frills cooking. It is a countertop grill that makes the task of grilling at home an easy one. The Most positive function of the Foreman grill is the option of cooking food that promotes a healthy eating habit. The grills are designed to make the fat drip from the meat making it lean and perfect for people looking to reduce the intake of cholesterol and fatty products.

The first version of the George Foreman grill had the clamshell design that has Teflon coating on the heating surface. This function ensures that the meat does not get stuck to the grill. There is no temperature control on the grill since it works on electricity. The newer versions of the grill had several issues in the design while some had plates that could be removed which makes it easier for cleaning.

The grill was a huge marketing success thanks to the endorsement of George Foreman who is a former boxing champion. The partnership between Salton Inc and George Foreman worked well which lead to high sales of the grill whenever a new model is launched by the company. The slogan of the company is “Knock out the fat” as the grill promotes healthy eating by cooking the food in healthy manner. The customers of the George Foreman grill have been very happy with the quality and performance of the grills and have even vouched for the loss of weight by eating food prepared with this product.

The George Foreman grill has introduced many variations of the George Foreman grill. Models were specifically introduced for outdoor cooking. Some of the other variations tried involved blenders and broilers. The success of the grill has enabled it to garner a reputation of making healthy products along with being hassle free in usage.

The George Foreman grill is easily available in any local Kroger in Georgia. The excellent marketing method with the help of the former boxing champion is a great tool for selling the grills that are also very affordable. The company understands that people buy grills when they are ready to do so. They use this point well by being present when the customers make the decision to buy, a plan well used by the company. The grills can also be bought online as well. The grills have a small size and can be easily shipped.