Weber Gas Grills

George Stephen Senior was on the objective of building a than the brazier grill that frustrated him due to its unreliable cooking methods in the year 1952. The aim was to provide the customers a grill that could be used efficiently in any type of weather. After a lot of research and experimenting with the idea for a quite a while, George came up with the kettle grill by cutting a metal buoy into half while working in the Weber Brothers Metal Works that he owned partially.

The Weber kettle Grill as it was called was seven times costlier than the brazier grill but found a lot of demand and popularity in the market due to its performance and efficiency. The Weber kettle grill soon developed a good reputation for itself in the market. The Weber factory was purchased by Stephen who named it Weber – Stephen Products Company and resumed his work on the kettle Grill business. The business made a lot of progress in the years to come by and was a nationwide reputed name by the year of 1960 and was referred to as Webber instead of calling it a grill.

More than eighty five million homes in the U.S use a grill currently and still Weber is a name to reckon with in the grill industry as it offers products based on charcoal, gas and smoke. Weber is a top most brand in the grill market and is looked up to as far as quality is concerned. The Weber grill products are available for use both commercially as well as for household purposes. This constant growth of the company can be attributed to the use of latest technology and newer innovations that makes the company offer something extra than the competition every time.

The Genesis Grills was introduced by the Weber Company in the year 1985. This changed the cooking style of Americans forever. The new products in this line gave customers the option of accurate heating control and near perfect flare free grill process. This made the consumers to rethink their views about cooking almost every food product on a grill. All of a sudden cooking several different types of food products on the grill became a real possibility which was a very thought provoking reason for people to buy these grills.

Weber introduced the Summit Grills which were seen as a symbol for luxury grills in the year 2002. This offered chefs to present their clients with a high level of cuisine. In general the Summit grill has four to six burners made of stainless steel. It is also equipped with flavoring bars and too holders. Several other features include easy cleaning surfaces, more cooking shelves and a tuck away chicken rotisserie spit.

The year 2003 saw the introduction of the Weber Q grill that was a huge step towards the betterment of portable grills as it came with an open flame grill option in place of the normal griddle linked with portable grills. The Webber Q works wonderfully well as tough and durable grill that can be used daily and also as a portable grill that can be taken along for trips. The popularity of this grill has seen the launch of many models of the Weber Q grill.

The products offered by the Weber Company are all of high quality which sometimes makes it tough for a customer to decide on the grill to buy. They can however be assured that any Weber grill will be a very useful buy and provide high performance.